Please ensure your image has a 3:2 Aspect ration .ie. 4 x 6 inch




Product Description

Traditionally only available to the aristocracy, these unique gifts are sure to amaze. Llithophanes are etched or molded artwork in thin translucent material that can only be seen clearly when back lit.

Hanging in a window, a lithophane picks up the sun light to show you it's image. As the day progresses and the sun changes position and color, so too does the effect. Always awe inspiring, Lithophanes are a unique, highly personal item that is perfect as a gift or to freeze a special moment in time.

Images can be either landscape or portrait (ie. horizontal or vertical) and the completed Lithophane is a little over 4 x 6 inches. Images that have a high contrast ratio work best : ie. dark sections and light sections when converted to greyscale. Please ensure you have uploaded your image using the "UPLOAD FILE" button before clicking "ADD TO CART"


  • Model: Litho-stnd


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